Friday, January 8, 2010

The Girl Effect

So, today I came across this awesome video about "The Girl Effect" which is touching and amazing. I am so impressed with the video and the fact that people realize that changing a young girl’s life can change the world.

When you nurture a young girl, you nurture her future children, her neighbors, her parents, her children's children and on and on. While this video is about girls all over the world, I think we could start in our own backyard.

Is there a girl in your life who is in need? In need of love, nurturing, a hot meal, shoes without holes, a skirt that fits? Show the love, help that girl.
We could also try being kind to all girls and women. We should show the way, a path of love and kindness for our future generation. It's time that women and girls stop looking at each other as competition and start looking at each other and thinking, "How can I help her?".

There was a time when women helped each other survive, if one had food she shared with another, they watched each others children after school and helped mend clothes or tend gardens. The point is that they worked together for a better community. I think that the loss of the sense of community among women has been a serious detriment to our society.

I think we could just start with kindness.