Friday, July 13, 2012


Pros vs. Cons

Catholic School Cons
1. I don't believe in organized relgion
2. I am pro choice
3. I am pro gay marriage
4. I believe everyone should live and let live
5. I believe everyone has a right to their opinion
6. I believe Jesus was a man
7. I believe the bible is a load of ancient crap
8. I believe in evolution

Catholic School Pros (not many but they're biggies)
1. Good solid education (the schools here are failing).
2. Rhythm and discipline
3. Safer

Public School Cons
1. Failing the kids
2. Unsafe
3. Bad teachers (locally)
4. No funding
5. Testing (all the time)
6. No sense of community

Public School Pros
1. Secular (but maybe not depending on the teacher)

Homeschool Pros
1. Open discussion and freedom to create opinion
2. Intelligent child learning at a rate that is appropriate
3. Kindness and integrity
4. No one knows or cares about my kids like I do

Homeschool Cons
1. Transitioning them to see me as a "teacher"
2. Discipline and structure
3. Time constraints