Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Starting Over

It has been a lifetime since I've posted to this blog. I am now expecting Chief Jr. who is due to make his appearance any day. We are insanely excited and I am insanely exhausted. I have been putting all of my energy into making special times with Little Miss before Chief Jr. arrives. Today we went to her Little Sprouts class, spent lunch with Maw & Paw, scrounged around the thrift store for anything white and then made it home to tie dye. This was our first time tie dying together and needless to say that tie dying with a toddler is...interesting. after we sprayed and splashed the whole drive way with color Little Miss covered herself in wet sand and played with the hose. Things had become very messy when she announced she was itchy (a mosquito bit her) and she was "going in to take a bath". Thank goodness for small favors. My swollen feet are covered in dye and my fingers are blueish green, if fate has it I will go into labor looking like a smurf.

Great thrift store finds today: white pillowcases and cloth napkins (for tie dying of course), two Winnie the Pooh books (.60/ea) and a Curious George book (.80), a book titled "The Princess and the Potty" which LM loved, an orange child's construction hat and a lovely jewelry box for LM that I neglected to take a real before shot of but I will take a mid-way and post. Total $13.00

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