Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Is it me???

Some days I just don't know...yesterday I had a lively discussion with a friend about schooling and the value of standardized testing. I could not believe that an intelligent mother in this day and age doesn't understand the problems with standardized testing. She blabbed on and on about how important the testing is to find out if the kids are learning or not. We discussed other things about school and how kids are often times either way ahead or behind their peers and the additional stress this causes (boredom for the advanced kids and frustration for the kids who are a little "behind"). She didn't get the idea that schooling is not child or family friendly. She also did not understand why someone would homeschool when schools are provided and spewed out a lot of untrue things about homeschooling in our area. I let her blab on and corrected her a couple of times when I could get a word in edge wise. She is a very overbearing person as a whole so I didn't bother getting into detail with her.

How do people not know these things? Why don't they think about these things? Why don't people question the system?

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