Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A List of Things I love and or find important

Teaching my children naturally
never squashing their curiosity
forming a close family bond
spending as much time as a family as we can
having great adventures with our family
loving each other
being respectful of each other
learning about animals
making the planet a healthier place
learning empathy
learning self-respect
learning about nature
being as self-sufficient as possible
making home remedies
using natural products
having outside time daily
learning about a lot of things
keep a simple home
learn the lost arts of homemaking
Teach our children to take control of their lives
let the kids choose religion (if they do)
Do not make sheep of our family
keep our lives small so we can enjoy more
teach our children that people are more important than traditions

Our future

1. I am not a religious person, I would say I am a humanist
2. I love my country and my freedom
3. I believe all people are equal, period.
4. I love my family
5. I love traditions
6. I love experiencing new things
7. I love cooking and homemaking
8. I no longer feel the need to retain friendships that do not lift me up but instead keep me "in the trenches"
9. I don't have to please anyone but myself
10. My opinions are as important as the options of others.
11. I am still a kind person even if I assert my rights
12. I don't have to have things to be happy
13. I need to be healthy and fit.
14. My marriage is lasting and important
15. I make healthy home cooked food for my family
16. We no longer eat processed food
17. We love our life!!!

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