Friday, July 17, 2009

Men and Gift Bags

So yesterday I had a discussion with my lovely sister-in-law about her fiance attempting to get rid of her gift bag/tissue paper collection. I understood the horror completely as my husband has attempted the same to be met with cries of "we HAVE to recycle", "I keep them in the basement" and the one that appeals to him most "Do you know how much money I've saved in the last year because of these bags?" I should have kept a running total because I have saved a ton. See we have bags from our wedding, showers, bachelorette party, baby girl bags, baby shower bags, birthday bags and Christmas bags. I throw out no bag. It was only last year that I started carefully folding and storing tissue paper. At every party involving our family someone (a little too soon after a gift being opened) yells "you gonna keep the bag?" We don't care what was in it. We want bag gold. So sister bag keepers unite, for we are the savers of the money and the planet!
I will be posting bag photos, honestly my collection is not that bad but it sure comes in handy.

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